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Soha Bechara - Nawal Marwan

Soha Bechara és un personatge real en el que Wajdi Mouawad es va inspirar per a crear el personatge de la Nawal, protagonista de'"Incendis". 

Amb 21 anys va matar el general Antoine Lahad, de l'armada del Sud del Líban, això la va portar a viure anys a la presó de Khiam, on la Nawal Marwan, la nostra protagonista, té els seus dos fills. 

Al llibre que Soha va escriure anys més tard "My Life for Lebanon", diu: 

You don’t give in.
You don’t give away any emotion, or the enemy has won.
The prision locks you inside you thoughts,  time washes away you memories, your love, your childhood.
Fear is always there.
You know that in yourself you have found your ultimate adversary, and that you must once again beyond yourself to find your freedoom once more, you must resist.
Sometimes in the camp, a laugh, a little improvised scene was enough to overcome the horror.
Today, some inocuous thing can take me back for a moment to my solitary cell with its floor of  beaten earth. But only for a moment.
Is not this memory which fills me now, but that of a whole people and its future- the spirit of resistance.
Because what I did, I did for tomorrow’s children, for that fragile time when they play in the shade of trees, and the air will echo with their shouts of joy.
 Souha Bechara 

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